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What cost a coma?

As if poor Nick hasn’t got enough on his plate as the potential father of his own baby niece, there is now the financial effects of his van crash to consider as Nick starts to come round and become animated (or as animated as he ever can be) .

His car was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time when the lorry ploughed into it as he and David fought manfully over the steering wheel. This means the bit-part lorry driver could claim compensation for his injuries and any lost earnings against Nick’s insurers on the basis that Nick (or rather dastardly David) was in the wrong. We say this confident in the knowledge that goody goody Nick is bound to have done the right thing and have insurance cover for his van despite his weakness for the wrong Mrs Tilsley.

In theory Nick may have a potential claim for compensation against David for his injuries and financial losses but David is what the legal world calls a “man of straw” which means he is an average man with no ready money to pay damages. David’s own car insurance wouldn’t cover the claim as David wasn’t the driver.

Coming round from his coma will give Nick a lot of dramatic potential (see next year’s soap awards ) as brain injuries can have very dramatic effects upon someone – amnesia is common (very handy for Nick) as is personality change  ( make up your own jokes). Serious life changing symptoms can last for years or permanently although we suspect Nick will be back behind the Bistro bar in time for the Christmas rush. Canter Levin and Berg recommend a charity called Headway to our clients and their families affected by brain injuries whether through a car accident or accident at work. This is a charity that gives free advice and practical assistance where needed. We also support a charity called Neurosupport which offers similar assistance to anyone with a neurological problems which included brain injuries but also conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, mention of the Bistro raises another point. If Nick’s car accident had been more straightforward and there was an insurance company liable to pay him compensation, then his poor solicitor would have the near impossible task of working out what profit the business had lost while Nick is recovering as this would be a big part of his claim. In real life sometimes an accountant has to be used to calculate this. They would have to consider that Tina was drafted in from the Rovers  to work extra shifts (rough estimated cost – 10p) and that the absence of charismatic Nick and Leanne from the business would have deterred customers(!) so that turnover dropped not to mention all the extra wine that Gail has been guzzling “on the house”.

If you need advice about personal injury compensation or any personal injury issue details of specialist solicitors can be found through the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors (APIL) or the Law Society.

Alternatively, our expert personal injury team here at Canter Levin and Berg are as ever very happy to oblige. We are currently offering up to £1750 cash advance on your final compensation when you instruct one of our solicitors to help you with your new personal injury claim – come on Nick, what are you waiting for?


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4 thoughts on “What cost a coma?”

    1. Hi Jason,

      We’re pleased you enjoyed the post, ‘man of straw’was a new phrase to me also. I couldn’t help picture David as the Scarecrow out of the Wizard of Oz – if he only had a brain!

      Tina was worth every one of those ten pennies.



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