Coronation Street

Corrie crash, bang, wallop! The Coronation Street minibus crash pt. 3

<<< Continued from part 2

Scratch what we previously said about Norris. He would not make a good lawyer. What a piece of work he was in Monday night’s Corrie as he dripped poison over poor Steve, openly blaming him for the accident and saying he was cowardly in running off and not helping in the rescue. In reaction, Steve just maintained his sad bewildered expression, looking much like a blood hound who has lost his sense of smell.

At least Michelle stuck up for him, blaming the boy racers for the accident but she got little support for this view. The silence was deafening as the tumbleweed swept across the Rovers bar and none of the regulars spoke up.

Although Steve was, as we now know from his subsequent visit to the GP, clinically depressed when he drove the minibus, he wasn’t on any medication that may have slowed up his reflexes. He simply showed an uncharacteristic bad temper in reacting to the other car so the issue of his mental health would not weigh heavily in any legal proceedings.

Also, tellingly, if the Police had thought there was an issue of dangerous or careless driving then this would have been brought up by now. (However we’re talking Corrie here so this may well be next week’s story line)

Poor Craig thought his mum Beth and stepfather Kirk’s “honeymoon” was already over as he had heard the sound of “arguing” in the night. Kirk admitted he had been shouting out in his sleep. Such symptoms are common after road accidents, even when the circumstances are not as dramatic as Corrie’s minibus crash.

Besides disturbed sleep and nightmares, other symptoms can be flashbacks, travel nervousness and general anxiety. More severe symptoms can constitute post-traumatic stress disorder. There is often no link between the level of physical injuries, which could be nil, and the level of psychological symptoms that could be severe.

If the boy racers are found responsible, Steve could claim compensation for the “extra” harm to his mental health over and above his level of pre-existing symptoms.

The one character who has “gained” in the aftermath of the crash is Sean. Other than a few aches and pains, he has gained the perfect boyfriend. Are we being too cynical as we head towards Valentine Day to suggest he’s just too good to be true?

Besides being lucky in love Sean has also been promised his wages for the week while the factory is shut by Carla. She should eventually be able to claim these wages back as part of her financial losses together with any loss of profit from cancelled orders – if her trusty PA Sally doesn’t manage to talk round the customers to be patient for their deliveries of stock (a tactic otherwise known as boring them into submission).

If you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, why not contact us today to see how we can help.

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