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I was weaned on Coronation Street. For as long back as my memory serves me, soap operas have been a core part of my television viewing. Such was my devotion to soaps that I ended up working on the now sadly demised ‘Brookside’.

Whilst working for Mersey TV, I became aware of the importance of soaps in the viewers eyes. They view the on-screen action so closely, many end up confusing fact from fiction.

The information offered in soaps is by many taken as verbatim. We don’t all have legal degrees behind us – I certainly don’t and we take the information offered to be factually correct. The life-blood of a soap is to squeeze as much dramatic tension out of a scenario as possible. Whilst this offers us the viewer maximum drama, it does not help those who may be in a similar position to one of the characters featured in a certain storyline.

This blog was set-up as a response to a tweet. A follower asked if Tyrone in Coronation Street was really offered the correct legal advice in that the only way he could gain any form of parental responsibility for baby Ruby was by marrying her violent and abusive mother, Kirsty. That tweet sowed the seed of the idea that led to this very blog. I am the Social Media Editor for Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors in Liverpool. I asked one of our Family Law solicitors if marriage to Kirsty was the only option for Tyrone. It wasn’t! It would appear that soap-viewing solicitors are often found ranting at the television during broadcasts. Instead of venting their spleen at the screen we decided to dedicate a blog solely to dispel misleading on-screen legal advice.

Wendy Brown
Social Media Editor
Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors

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The Sud’s Law blog is written and maintained by the telly addicts at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, a Liverpool-based law firm. When we’re not getting ourselves into a lather over iffy legal advice on the small screen, we provide comprehensive legal services covering Family Law, Employment Law, Crime, Personal Injury Claims, Road Accidents, Private Client Services, Professional Negligence and Disputes Law. You can find out more about who we are and what we do on our main website.

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