Sud’s Law on BBC Radio 4’s Law In Action

Becky prepares for her interview on BBC Radio 4
Becky prepares for her interview with Joshua Rozenberg on BBC Radio 4

Exciting news folks, as we’re being featured on national radio today! Sud’s Law’s very own Rebecca Finnigan will be speaking to Joshua Rozenberg on the BBC’s flagship legal affairs radio show, Law in Action.

BBC Radio’s flagship legal programme since 1984, Law in Action aims to lead the field in lively, jargon-free but rigorous analysis of the legal stories in, behind, and ahead of the news.

It is currently presented by Joshua Rozenberg, who is one of the UK’s most well known legal commentators, having spent 15 years as the BBC Legal Affairs Correspondent and further 8 years editing the Daily Telegraph’s legal coverage.

The programme regularly talks to leading legal figures at home and abroad and also hears from the people caught up in the law about how it affects their lives. Although the show doesn’t report trials for their own sake, it does explore legal issues raised by cases in the news.

To record her interview for today’s show, Becky went to the BBC’s offices here in Liverpool, accompanied by our Editor, Wendy Brown. As well as speaking about writing for Sud’s Law, Becky also offered her thoughts about the portrayal of the legal system in TV dramas and on the radio. Afterwards, a relieved Becky said:

“Joshua was a very pleasant chap, and had obviously joined our Sud’s Law followers in reading the blog. Shaky legal storylines in soaps continue to be as relevant today as they were when Wendy and I founded the blog two and a half years ago, and I am only too pleased to be able to continue to vent my frustrations on the subject via the medium of Sud’s Law.”

You can hear Becky’s interview online via the BBC website – she appears on the 10th February programme at 24 minutes 20 seconds.