I predict a riot (in Coronation Street)

This week and with record speed, the Weatherfield CAFCASS office had sent an officer to Coronation Street to complete the report which was ordered by the court only a fortnight ago.

The report was to investigate the situation between step-father David and biological father Callum, and to make recommendations about the living and contact arrangements between them and son/step-son Max.

And the Platt household were ready for her visit.

Mouthy niece told to keep her mouth shut about drug addict missing mother being back on the scene – check!

Extended family warned to be on their best behaviour – check!

Gail has cleaned the toilet just in case the CAFCASS lady wants to use it – check!

Step-father discovers that who he thought is his son Gavin is in fact his son’s friend Andy, that the real Gavin is dead, and that Gail knew about it and lied to him, as did David.  The mother of all arguments erupts just seconds before the lady from CAFCASS steps through the door – check!

Our resident family law solicitor and member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Panel, Rebecca Finnigan comments.

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Suits you, Sirs! – Coronation Street

If there’s one thing we are agreed on at Sud’s Law, it’s that with all the weddings, funerals and court appearances, the male residents of Weatherfield certainly get their money’s worth from their suits.

Last night saw Coronation Street’s Callum and David arrive at the family court (which we assumed to be in Weatherfield, although we did catch a sneaky glimpse of the Arndale Centre out of the court corridor window).  The battle of the dads stepped up a gear and the hapless duo finally did what they’d been threatening to do for months, and made an application to the court for an order concerning Callum’s biological son and David’s step-son, Max.  Never has court vending machine coffee been supped in such a menacing manner as when Callum glared at David and told him he’d take his chances in court.

There were dirty looks, scathing comments, and a caustic commentary by Callum’s lawyer of David’s less than squeaky clean past.  David had to be led from the court room by his lawyer before he let rip on Callum.  This culminated in the court making an order that Max should remain in David’s care in the interim, that Max should have two overnight contacts with his biological father Callum each week, and that Cafcass should prepare a full report ready for the next hearing.

Legal fact or legal fiction?  There’s only one person to ask in such situations – our resident family law solicitor and member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law panel and Resolution, not to mention soap-geek extraordinaire, Rebecca Finnigan.

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Platt’s pervading problem – Coronation Street

Coronation Street’s storyline involving the battle of the dads, David and Callum, and little Max, has been gaining momentum this week.  This has culminated in Callum telling David where to stick the mediation.  That’s right, the old cliché has been trotted out (again) – he’ll see him in court.

We rather suspect they haven’t really thought too much about how their respective cases will look to the ‘man on the Clapham omnibus’.

On one hand we have Max’s step-father David Platt, who, to his credit, has been remarkably stable (for David) over the past year or two.  He has provided a loving home for little Max, he has supported him financially.  He has built up a father-like relationship with the little fella and has integrated him into the Platt household (although we are not sure whether this could necessarily be perceived as a positive).  Not to forget, Max’s little sister Lilly is also a member of the Platt household.

But David, even though he knows that court proceedings could be imminent, hasn’t thought to try and build a squeaky clean profile.  No, he has resorted to enlisting his soon to be step-brother Gavin (who is really Andy.  Gavin is really dead, Andy is actually an impostor, but that’s another story) to planting class A drugs on Callum in an attempt to set him up.

On the other hand we have Max’s biological father Callum, who has been notable by his absence throughout little Max’s life.  He was nowhere to be seen when Max was in social services care (nor was his family, come to think of it).  The tales that Kylie would regale would have us believe he is the local drug taking, drug peddling scally with no sense of responsibility.

He has disrupted the family by turning up unannounced with costly and inappropriate gifts for Max.  He has tried to wind David up every step of the way, and is now facilitating this in a game of ‘how’s your father’ with David’s sister Sarah-Louise.

If that wasn’t enough, he was seen this week telling Gavin-who’s-really-Andy about his time in the Big House (although no mention was made of whether he made the acquaintance of Jim McDonald in there, so it wasn’t), before threatening to rip his fingers off with a pair of pliers, chasing David across the estate and forcing him into the boot of a car.

But in Callum’s favour, his mum is a school teacher.

So who will win?  There’s only one way to decide…

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Don’t hesitate to mediate! – Coronation Street

We knew something strange was afoot this morning, we could feel it in our suds – Liverpool stood still for the solar eclipse.  But that was not the only excitement at Sud’s Law.  A little bird told us that a certain David Platt has been spotted filming only a block or two away from Sud’s Law Towers in Liverpool city centre.  Could this be a coincidence or celestial intervention?  Make your own minds up, dear followers.  We cannot wait to watch events filmed in our locality unfolding on our screens.

Back to Weatherfield.  When Coronation Street’s David Platt opened his post last week, what did he find from arch enemy Callum?

A consignment of non-specific drugs?  Road kill?  A glitter bomb?  A one way ticket to visit his dad, the lesser-mentioned Martin Platt, on his Lancashire cheese farm?

No, it was in fact a cordial invitation to join Callum in a thoroughly civilised session of mediation about young Max’s future.  You could have knocked Sud’s Law down with a feather.

Cue a scene in the waiting room with David’s mum Gail Platt proudly showing Callum’s mum pictures of a young David proudly snuggled up to his pet Barney the bunny.  And Callum’s mum telling Gail that her drug dealing bad-lad was in fact a right mummy’s boy as a youngster.  They then bonded over a word puzzle book.  Classic Corrie indeed.

Mediation seems a very civilised and proper way to iron out a disagreement, has Callum turned over a new leaf in suggesting this as a solution?

Where there’s a legal problem in a soap, you can bet your partial eclipse our family law solicitor Rebecca Finnigan will not be too far behind.  What does she say about the matter?

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Don’t dawdle David! – Coronation Street

Hanging around like a bad (but rather good looking) smell, Callum has been tormenting Coronation Street’s David of late.  Winding him up by duping him into carrying a drugs package (which turned out to be little more than an empty box), and generally using Max as a pawn in his tormenting game.

Over the last week we’ve seen Callum rock up with a letter addressed to David which his solicitor had kindly given him to deliver.  Callum had spent a lot of money on a solicitor’s letter, and this note informed David that Callum was applying to the court for a residency order.  David was then forced to tell Max that Callum was his biological father.

We then saw little Max’s eyes light up when Callum turned up with a bag of designer gear for the nipper.  “Mint!” said little Max, the first time since approximately 1996 that anyone has used that adjective to describe such a baseball cap.

What’s going on?  Why is David being such a doormat?  Is he just going to sit back and let Callum walk all over him and the rest of the Platt household?  And incidentally, where’s Lilly when all of this is going on? Continue reading Don’t dawdle David! – Coronation Street

My mum’s a school teacher

Sud’s Law have been watching Coronation Street keenly of late. Not content with driving a wedge between highly strung husband David Platt and wayward wife Kylie, Callum Logan is now intent on forming a relationship with his, until recently, long lost son Max.

Since Kylie disappeared at Christmas (to facilitate actress Paula Lane’s pregnancy), David has been left holding the babies- Kylie’s son Max from her relationship with Callum, and the Platt’s little baby Lily.

Callum has been winding David up, stealing moments with Max and laying on the charm with babysitting Katie. We rather suspect his agenda is to cause as much bother as possible, rather than forming a relationship with young Max. Nevertheless he has laid his cards on the table. He wants son Max.

However on Monday night, he revealed the ace in hand- not only was he named upon little Max’s birth certificate, but he comes from a respectable family and his mother is a school teacher. That’s right, a school teacher. And what’s more, he can prove it and David will be hearing from his solicitor.

As David stood agog, we could hear not Callum’s hot-shot brief, but our very own soap geek extraordinaire Rebecca Finnigan. ‘Pipe down Callum’ and ‘pull your finger out David’, are the polite versions of the phrases she exclaimed!

Having taken some deep breaths and following a bit of a lie down in a darkened room, we find out just what has rattled the cage of Rebecca Finnigan, Family Law solicitor and member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law panel

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Max’s Papa was a Rolling Stone

Coronation Street is on a roll at the moment with legal issues aplenty to keep us Sud’s Law solicitors busy. In a break from the continued drama of the minibus crash, we now see David Platt and his woes concerning young Max.

Poor Max, the little mite has been through the mill.  Rescued from foster care by his mother Kylie (reformed pole dancer) and husband David, Max was welcomed into the Platt household and was ‘lucky’ (we use that term generously) to have Gail as a new found doting granny.  David took Max under his wing and even expressed a wish to adopt his step son.

Whilst David’s psychotic streak seems to have mellowed over the past couple of years, especially since the arrival of baby Lilly, it seems it is Kylie who has let the side down.

A chance meeting with Callum (jail bird, Weatherfield’s bad boy and Max’s estranged father) sparked Kylie’s memories of her very much misspent youth, and saw Callum reignite her old amphetamine habit.

This led to the breakdown of the David-Kylie union, and in true soap style Kylie was shown the door at Christmas.  Little Max and Lilly have been left with David, who is desperately trying to contact Kylie (and was momentarily pleased he thought she had been caught shoplifting in Rochdale).

To add to David’s misery, the dastardly Callum is still on the scene and seems intent to play a part in Max’s life.  Can he?  Can David stop him?

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Corrie crash, bang, wallop! The Coronation Street minibus crash pt. 3

<<< Continued from part 2

Scratch what we previously said about Norris. He would not make a good lawyer. What a piece of work he was in Monday night’s Corrie as he dripped poison over poor Steve, openly blaming him for the accident and saying he was cowardly in running off and not helping in the rescue. In reaction, Steve just maintained his sad bewildered expression, looking much like a blood hound who has lost his sense of smell.

At least Michelle stuck up for him, blaming the boy racers for the accident but she got little support for this view. The silence was deafening as the tumbleweed swept across the Rovers bar and none of the regulars spoke up.

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Corrie crash, bang, wallop! The Coronation Street minibus crash pt. 2

<<< Continued from part 1

Friday’s dose of Corrie started rather poignantly with Ken fussing around daughter Tracy, enjoying greatly the novelty of being proud of her. Viewers couldn’t fail to be reminded of Deidre and what her reaction would have been (undoubtedly it would have included a celebration tea of stuffed marrow).

However the rest of the episode quickly returned to the main subject – locals blaming Steve for the bus accident. This served to demonstrate that you do find out who your real friends are when you’re down and out on the cobbles.

As the front seat passenger, Carla was best placed to stick up for Steve and blame the young hoodlums, but she stayed uncharacteristically quiet . We think she was still in a state of shock after being rescued by her frenemy Tracy.

At this point we have a serious HEALTH WARNING for Carla – Tracy is NOT, and never will be your friend!

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Corrie crash, bang, wallop! The Coronation Street minibus crash pt. 1

We can’t help feeling sorry for the accountants and stunt people on Coronation Street who have gone to a lot of time and trouble staging the spectacular minibus crash only to have it rightly overshadowed by the news of Corrie legend Anne Kirkbride’s untimely death.

Here’s hoping Deirdre is somewhere propping up the bar, rolling her eyes at her mother Blanche.

This week’s episodes had the distinct feel of impending doom à la The Poseidon Adventure (for the oldies) or Titanic (for the youngsters) as the factory girls (and boys) set off in their glad-rags to the posh do.

Beth Sutherland has Tina Charles, a pair of platform shoes and some badly fitted carpet to thank for preventing her from boarding the ill-fated vehicle.

Any feminist’s heart would have been gladdened at the sight of such female heroism as the women took the crash in their stride leaving the men either gormlessly blank (Kirk), wooden (Sean) or glazed (Steve).

Who would have thought that Maddie would be the heroine of the night, so calmly taking charge that the only real excitement in the rescue efforts was the heartfelt slap she gave to mum-in-law Sally?

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