Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)

Robert Lee as Tina McIntyre
Robert Lee gives us his interpretation of Tina McIntyre’s demise

Tina McIntyre first burst onto our screens in 2008 as we saw her attempt to book an appointment for an STI Test at Weatherfield Medical Centre – a classy entrance if ever we saw one.

In the six years that followed Tina lurched from one disaster to another including – the abortion of David Platt’s baby, committing Perjury, the death of her father Joe – following his failed attempt to fake his own death, and offering her services as a surrogate mother to Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass.

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Where there’s a will there’s a Dave!

So David Platt has finally become a responsible adult, putting his devil child days (apologies to Gail – we’re not really calling you the devil) behind him; he is thinking of securing things for his family, if he should die, by making a will.

David’s change in attitude could be down to his knowing it is Dying Matters Awareness Week this week, between 13th and 19th May, or that he has realised he lives in Coronation Street where the chances of being killed are a lot, LOT, higher than any other street (rivalled only by Albert Square, the village of Midsomer and Emmerdale).  David himself has nearly drowned on three separate occasions, twice in Weatherfield Canal and once in the bath at the hands of evil builder Charlie Stubbs, so it is a sensible move from the hapless hairdresser. Everyone should consider making a will for peace of mind as it’s important to make provisions for your loved ones when you die.

Let’s imagine now David’s future, and the Platt family has increased by one with the birth of the new baby.  David and Kylie may be happy (for now) but we’re certain that all the residents will be dreading the day when baby is old enough to start terrorising the Street. We all know that time in soap land is different to real time as babies grow up so quickly – one week they’re in nappies and the next week they’re stealing sweets from the Kabin. Continue reading Where there’s a will there’s a Dave!