Kirsty’s callous calamity

What a nasty piece of work Kirsty Soames is!  Having lied to the police that she had been shoved down the stairs by Tyrone, when in fact she had taken a swing at him and lost her footing, she then went on to say she thought their daughter Ruby was at risk from him and she wanted her taken into foster care.  And there we were actually feeling a little sorry for her after she uncovered Tyrone’s affair with Fizz. Continue reading Kirsty’s callous calamity

Trouble for the Windass family

I do admire foster carers and adoptive parents like Anna Windass.  She’s taken on the challenge of adopting a slightly older child who has already had a very tough and unhappy start to her short life, but she had made little Faye welcome in her family and it’s clear she is adored by her adoptive mother Anna and her adoptive brother Gary (with a little surrogate niece or nephew on the way, but that’s another legal conundrum altogether!). Continue reading Trouble for the Windass family

The Connors and the (Restrictive) Covenant

Poor Carla Connor! If only she had instructed a solicitor who specialises in employment law she could have avoided this entire debacle with her brother and saved her factory and the jobs of every one of her employees.

Carla has fallen out with her brother Rob because whilst she was off in the USA soaking up the sunshine with fellow alcohol fan Peter, he made an attempt to “cook the books” and buy the business at a cut down rate. Although Carla managed to scupper his plans on her return when she discovered what had happened. Not surprisingly they both fell out and Rob resigned from his position at the knickers factory. Continue reading The Connors and the (Restrictive) Covenant

A nice day for a white wedding?

Nick Tilsley, what are you doing?  Nevermind that you left your sister-in-law Kylie in the ‘family way’, but less than 3 weeks ago your betrothed was begging her wayward ex-husband to take her back, leaving you looking somewhat muppet-like at the alter.  But now you’re getting married to her!

Far be it from me to be the Weatherfield purveyor of cynicism, but I’ll eat my practising certificate if they make it to Christmas without fireworks. Continue reading A nice day for a white wedding?

Kylie’s not so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) in love

It’s not often I feel sorry for David Platt. The Platt’s marriage had already been going through a rocky patch recently, but with his jilted brother Nick’s pre-Christmas shenanigans with his wife Kylie, I can sense trouble ahead.

Both Kylie and David respectively will have grounds for divorce based on the fact of the other’s unreasonable behaviour.  The law is a little vague on what exactly constitutes unreasonable behaviour- it can be something very significant such as secretly taking the pill whilst your husband thinks you are as desperate as he is for a baby, or it can be an accumulation of less serious incidents such as insensitivity to your wife’s wish to delay having a child and announcing your wife’s past as a cage dancer which you know she would not like to be public knowledge. Continue reading Kylie’s not so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) in love

The Mitchell Naming Wars

As usual, Phil Mitchell is blundering gruffly around the East End writing the rules as he goes along. Forcing his will and surname on baby Lexi. Lola may have consented to the christening name but here are a few more pertinent facts she should be aware of:

  1. Christening names are not legal ones.
  2. Phil is a local authority foster carer and has precisely zero power to do anything like change the child’s name.
  3. Even if Lola consented to a change of name, the local authority hold parental responsibility for Lexi and would need to be consulted.

With thanks to Rebecca Finnigan for her legal expertise.

Rebecca Finnigan is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law Panel and also a member of the solicitor’s family law association Resolution.

Max Branning’s brush with bigamy

You’ve got to hand it to Max Branning, he really pulled out all the stops to wed Tanya on Christmas day. He sourced a gorgeous wedding dress with less than 24 hours’ notice and found a registrar willing to marry the pair of them on Christmas day, only to have it scuppered by his secret wife Kirsty sporting a ‘trout pout’ which would make a WAG blush.

Far be it from me to point out the difficulties in soap storylines… but there are few things Max needs to know. Now, even I had to look this one up- it’s not every day I’m asked for legal advice from people who are setting out on their married life. It’s much more common for me to see people who want to end their marriage.

Continue reading Max Branning’s brush with bigamy

Hey diddle diddle Kat’s on the fiddle, and what’ll become of poor Tommy Moon?

He may still be wearing the same knee length faux-leather jacket he was wearing when he first graced our screens 10 years ago, but you’ve got to feel for Alfie Moon.  Not only has he to contend with Kat Slater’s mahogany glow and flirtatious ways with the punters, but he’s on the cusp of putting the nation out of our collective misery by uncovering which Branning brother Kat has become a little too acquainted with.

We know Alfie isn’t Tommy’s dad; Alfie forgave her after she had a fling with his cousin Michael and has since treated Tommy as his own child.  That’s had me wondering – what’ll happen to little Tommy if Kat and his step-father Alfie go their separate ways and decide to divorce?

Continue reading Hey diddle diddle Kat’s on the fiddle, and what’ll become of poor Tommy Moon?

Ten Mitchell Myths Dispelled

According to Phil Mitchell’s know-it-all lawyer (apparently paid so handsomely, he treats his clients to a slap up meal at the local Italian after a hard day at court), little Lexi is the fourth generation of her family to end up in care.

Tragic indeed, however Eastenders portrayal of social services, the courts and the advocates have really not given credit to the realities of what really happens in situations like this.  Not that we are accusing Eastenders of sensationalising matters for a dramatic storyline, but there are some myths here that we need to dispel here.

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Did Tyrone in Corrie receive the correct legal advice?

Poor Tyrone Dobbs.  Not only is he subject to violence from his Coronation Street partner Kirsty, but he has also received some rather dubious legal advice when Fizz ‘kindly’ relayed legal advice she had apparently obtained for him- that he should marry his abusive partner in order to obtain parental responsibility for their daughter Ruby.  Whilst it is correct that marrying the mother of his child would achieve his parental responsibility for Ruby, it seems an ill-considered approach.

Being from Manchester, I love Corrie (perhaps a little too much).  And I think this is a brilliant storyline, as it is often overlooked that sadly men can also be the victim of domestic violence- up to 40% of victims of domestic violence are male.  But I could not believe my ears when I heard this legal gaff and feel the writers really did miss an opportunity to show the realities of just how someone like Tyrone can be assisted by receiving the right legal advice.

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