Farewell Hayley

Monday marked the end of an era in Corrie and the flat above Roy’s Rolls.  There was not a dry eye in the Sud’s Law team, when Hayley Cropper ended her own life having been rapidly deteriorating following her diagnosis with pancreatic cancer last summer.

The story has proved a hot topic in the press for many reasons.  Soapland’s only long standing transgender character, her soap reign has spanned over 15 years, during which time the Gender Recognition Act 2004 has come into effect.  This piece of legislation has the effect of providing a legal mechanism for transgender people to legally acquire their “new” gender.  Following this legislation coming into effect, Hayley was able to legally marry her partner Roy. Hayley was a long term and much loved character, who has been hailed as changing the public’s perception of transgender issues.

Hayley’s decision to end her life was obviously not an easy one, and we as viewers saw her struggle over the weeks with the decision and the impact it would have on her nearest and dearest, including husband Roy.  Euthanasia has been an issue which has frequently been in the press in recent years, as the law surrounding the issue is unclear, as are the consequences for anyone seen to be assisting in the act or preparation for the act itself. Continue reading Farewell Hayley

Barry’s been a bad boy

Father of Michelle, Barry Connor paid a flying visit to the cobbles over the last few weeks, with the excuse that wife Helen Connor was at a spa with her girlfriends so he was at a loose end.  After some detective work by Michelle and hot on the heels of his flirtatious comments to Liz McDonald, it actually turned out he was actually in the doghouse for sleeping with Helen’s best friend Aoife (again, apparently!) and that Helen was filing for divorce.

That got us at Sud’s Law thinking – most of the divorces we see on soaps involve younger characters, what are the statistics for divorce amongst older people and what issues might they face? Continue reading Barry’s been a bad boy

What cost a coma?

As if poor Nick hasn’t got enough on his plate as the potential father of his own baby niece, there is now the financial effects of his van crash to consider as Nick starts to come round and become animated (or as animated as he ever can be) .

His car was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time when the lorry ploughed into it as he and David fought manfully over the steering wheel. This means the bit-part lorry driver could claim compensation for his injuries and any lost earnings against Nick’s insurers on the basis that Nick (or rather dastardly David) was in the wrong. We say this confident in the knowledge that goody goody Nick is bound to have done the right thing and have insurance cover for his van despite his weakness for the wrong Mrs Tilsley. Continue reading What cost a coma?

Doting Dad David

Sud’s Law has been focusing heavily around the Platt household of late, and why not?  There are legal issues galore and it is increasingly clear the Platts don’t always take legal advice before they open their mouths.

The latest at Chez Platt is that David wants to adopt wee Max, the son of his wife Kylie.  In fact so confident is he that he will achieve this, that he has told his family and much to the little nipper’s delight, he has told Max too.

Is it really that easy?  Can he just agree with Kylie that he will adopt Max, have his lawyer draw up some papers and Bob’s your uncle and David’s your dad? Continue reading Doting Dad David

A soapy spoiler for Platt’s paternity?

Us Sud’s Laws bloggers have spent our lunch hour squinting at the Twitter page of Michelle Keegan trying to work out just who the daddy is!

Avid Corrie viewers and Sud’s Law followers will be waiting in clammy handed anticipation for the birth of Kylie’s baby and the DNA test which will inevitably follow, revealing just which one of the brothers grim is in fact the father of her sprog.  Personally we can’t quite tell, but apparently the script in sight of Michelle Keegan’s snap reads that David cannot be excluded as being the father of the child.

What does that tell us?  Is he, or isn’t he? Continue reading A soapy spoiler for Platt’s paternity?

Dastardly David’s Devious Deeds

They say revenge is a dish best served cold but in the case of Suds Law favourite soap psycho Coronation Street’s David Platt, it seems that his revenge is best served in engaging in a covert operation to make big brother nasty Nick Tilsey’s life a misery.  Indeed, David has been on an even keel of late but his reversion back to form has been a delight for us at Suds Law.  And what better excuse to practice our David Platt menacing glares? Continue reading Dastardly David’s Devious Deeds

Take good care of my baby

If we’re being honest, here at Sud’s Law we were all very much on Team Tina when it came to the future of little Jake/Joe – baked in Tina’s oven using Izzy and Gary’s ingredients. After all, Izzy and Gary could hardly be described as a stable couple, and Tina felt very strongly that she could provide a better home for the little mite. Saint Rita of the Kabin agreed to fund Tina’s legal fees using her life savings, so it looked like there would be a real fight to determine Jake/Joe’s future. Continue reading Take good care of my baby

Who’s the Daddy/Mummy?

It’s not everyday we’re asked for advice on the ins and the outs of surrogacy.  We’re not suggesting for a minute that Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong and their incubator Tina McIntyre have asked Sud’s Law for legal advice, but then it doesn’t seem they have asked anyone for legal advice!  At the risk of being accused of being mean-spirited, the ladies at Sud’s Law agree we wouldn’t even think of agreeing to act as a surrogate to anyone (never mind the random couple who live down the street) without some sound legal advice.  If the recent storylines are anything to go by, we would suspect decent lawyers are somewhat thin on the ground in Weatherfield! Continue reading Who’s the Daddy/Mummy?

Where there’s a will there’s a Dave!

So David Platt has finally become a responsible adult, putting his devil child days (apologies to Gail – we’re not really calling you the devil) behind him; he is thinking of securing things for his family, if he should die, by making a will.

David’s change in attitude could be down to his knowing it is Dying Matters Awareness Week this week, between 13th and 19th May, or that he has realised he lives in Coronation Street where the chances of being killed are a lot, LOT, higher than any other street (rivalled only by Albert Square, the village of Midsomer and Emmerdale).  David himself has nearly drowned on three separate occasions, twice in Weatherfield Canal and once in the bath at the hands of evil builder Charlie Stubbs, so it is a sensible move from the hapless hairdresser. Everyone should consider making a will for peace of mind as it’s important to make provisions for your loved ones when you die.

Let’s imagine now David’s future, and the Platt family has increased by one with the birth of the new baby.  David and Kylie may be happy (for now) but we’re certain that all the residents will be dreading the day when baby is old enough to start terrorising the Street. We all know that time in soap land is different to real time as babies grow up so quickly – one week they’re in nappies and the next week they’re stealing sweets from the Kabin. Continue reading Where there’s a will there’s a Dave!

Tyrone’s Trial Triumph

Sud’s Law gave a collective sigh of relief last week when Kirsty Soames did the right thing and confessed that she in fact she was the violent one and that she’d tried to stitch up Tyrone Dobbs.  At long last Tyrone was freed and returned home with his daughter Ruby, girlfriend Fizz and her daughter Hope.  Meanwhile, Kirsty was carted off on remand to presumably HMP Styal.

Even Eileen and Julie apologised to Tyrone and Fizz for having taken Kirsty’s side.  So according to the happy couple, they can live happily ever after and never have to see Kirsty again.  All rainbows and butterflies from here,  right? Continue reading Tyrone’s Trial Triumph